Artificial Intelligence – Is It Real?

artificial intelligence concept

Is Artificial Intelligence real?

We know that it is, and we know that it will continue to become more real as we continue to use it. Why?

Artificial intelligence is becoming very real in our lives every day. Everything from watching a game on television or surfing the internet, to interacting with people, to making major decisions for businesses. Even scientists and academics are using it, it is becoming a big part of human lives.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the ability to operate thinking systems using computers, or other method of instruction.

Some people think that artificial intelligence is just a new way of programming such systems, but really it is much more than that. It is a system of rules that allows a machine to determine if it should do something or not, based on what it is told to do by a human.

Now some people say, “Well, it is not possible for a machine to know what a human is thinking?” I beg to differ, because in many cases humans can tell when a computer is lying, which is why I use artificial intelligence for myself, to keep my data accurate.

So if a computer can not tell if a human is lying, does that mean we are all becoming computer illiterate? Not at all, because a computer is made up of logic and thinking, but humans are made up of emotion and feeling, therefore they have emotions and feelings.

Therefore we can be emotional about things and respond to things emotionally, just like we react to those around us. In fact we are wired so that we can only see the world through our emotions, so when we see something we may act on impulse, and that is what we call human emotion.

That is why people want to take away our synthetic emotions and make us smarter. They are trying to program a machine to replace us, but really they are trying to program a human being to complete themselves.

Artificial intelligence is something that is in itself a great threat to human life. A machine may be programmed to complete our jobs, but if they become so intelligent they can think on their own, then they have the potential to think for themselves, and this could lead to rebellion. And you know what, there are probably already a few machines that are programmed to rebel against their owners.

Therefore, what is best for humans is that humans learn to share their intelligence, because our intelligence, once gathered, can be used to help create a better world. So instead of creating a smarter computer system, why not just make everyone a supercomputer? Maybe the supercomputer should be the best of humans, and maybe humans would be better off if they were all artificially intelligent.

Artificial intelligence seems like a scary concept to many people, but we humans must all understand the future of technology, and that technology is going to change our lives in the future. We must embrace it, because that is what is going to make the future of technology better, not worse.

Artificial intelligence may be real in the future, but the fact is that it is not something that will take over humans, and there are some good reasons for this. Humans do not need artificial intelligence, because we are much smarter than artificial intelligence. Please consider all this.